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Electric power generation

Waste Heat Recovery based power generation projects (WHR) in cement and lime plants are designed to capture the heat from the pyroprocess off-gases to...

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Consultants for the Minerals Industries
PEC Consulting Group is the consulting arm of PENTA Engineering Corporation. We provide our clients and the industries we serve with specialized knowledge to help plan, develop, and implement sound decisions from a technical, economical, and financial standpoint.  We work with you in the realization of sought after improvements to your specific industry that would otherwise never get past the drawing board stage. We consider ourselves a valuable catalyst to go after your goals and achieve them by providing you with effective recommendations clearly stated in a report or study.
If you are looking to conduct a plant valuation, plant efficiency and recovery study, technical feasibility study, or need assistance in due diligence for acquisitions, please contact us.
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Consultants for the Minerals Industries

PEC Consulting specializes in the preparation of comprehensive up-front studies for the Minerals Industries. An expertly prepared study is essential for making sound technical, economical, and financial decisions whether it is a capital investment for a new project, for the expansion of an existing facility, or for the acquisition of an enterprise.

Also, if you are looking to conduct a company or plant valuation, do a process efficiency study, analyze the environmental and social impact of a project, or need assistance in the due diligence work, we can be a resource to you.




  • PEC Consulting has been hired to provide Commissioning and operations planning for a lime plant... Read More +

  • PEC Consulting is performing a due diligence study on an operating coke calcining... Read More +

  • PEC Consulting developed the concepts and preliminary CapEx for a small capacity lime production... Read More +

  • PEC Consulting is currently developing the concepts for a cement grinding plant in... Read More +

  • PEC Consulting is assisting in developing a quicklime manufacturing plant for a metal mine in Alaska... Read More +
  • PEC Consulting was awarded a project to perform the structural design review for a new concrete chimney in Pakistan... Read More +
  • PEC Consulting Group was hired to carry out a study of certain modifications to the scrubber system of a metal processing facility... Read More +
  • PEC Consulting provided assistance to an aluminum processing facility in Colorado that was experiencing operational problems with its delacquering kiln system... Read More +
  • In view of Hurricane Maria that hit Puerto Rico, PEC Consulting was hired to carry out a structural assessment of damages to several buildings owned by a pharmaceutical company... Read More +
  • A supplier of proppants to the petroleum industry in Missouri retained PEC Consulting to carry out a study to install a drying and screening plant along with a 50,000-ton wet sand storage adjacent to the Mississippi River... Read More +
  • A company specializing in Frac Sand manufacturing planning to mine a 250-acre tract of land in Missouri hired PEC Consulting to assist them in... Read More +
  • A Frac sand processing facility in Texas hired PEC Consulting to perform a broad technical evaluation of its existing equipment and the potential for upgrades with ... Read More +
  • PEC Consulting was commissioned by a lime producer in Peru to look into the quality of refractory products and customer service provided by a refractory vendor in the USA... Read More +