April 2017

  • MAIN DUST COLLECTOR STUDY — A US cement manufacturing client is looking for alternatives to upgrade its main baghouse in order to meet current NESHAP environmental regulations and improve its maintenance practices. A study is underway to develop the design criteria and specify modifications for the baghouse and provide a CAPEX for the project.
  • BUILDING CONDITION DUE DILIGENCE FOR ACQUISITION – Fast track project with the involvement of several disciplines to conduct an on-site review of a building which called for the inspection of mechanical/fire systems, electrical systems, elevators, and the compliance with ADA regulations.
  • STRUCTURAL PEER REVIEW – A major cement facility in South America contracted PEC Consulting to conduct the structural peer review for a Greenfield Cement plant under construction which includes 12 major structures. The review will verify the conformance of codes and design criteria following industry standards. This structural due diligence work substantially increases the reliability of this EPC project for the cement industry.
  • TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE – Materials handling and transportation options – barge and rail – were studied and recommended for transporting a cement raw material from the production point to the point of utilization by a cement plant. This is a complex study of ponded fly ash and bottom ash from a power plant to be used as replacement for expensive additives to the raw mix.
  • ADDITION OF A RAW MIX COMPONENT – The results of a previous study carried out by PEC Consulting showed that a raw material can be used as a cement raw mix component at a major cement producer in the US. Now the client has hired PEC Consulting to study how the plant can physically handle the introduction of the new raw mix component including requirements for barge unloading and upgrades to the material handling systems.
  •  CEMENT DISTRIBUTION TERMINAL – PEC Consulting has been recently awarded a Study to determine the investment cost of a new cement distribution terminal in the US