Ann M. Hagni, Ph.D., R.G.

ann hagniDr. Hagni has over 25 years of mineralogy and management experience in materials science environments. She specializes in characterization studies of raw materials and processed materials for improved metals recovery, hazardous waste containment, reclycling of materials, depositional purity, and failure analysis. She has successfully applied high tech research skills in failure analyses resolutions and development of new products and technologies with over 30 authored publications. Her experience includes materials industries of petroleum, mining, refractories, nuclear, semi-conductor, specialty materials, and construction (concrete, cement, aggregates, and steel). She has published professional papers in Scientific Journals and Symposia Volumes. In addition, she had presented 40 Abstracted Presentations at International Scientific Conferences and Regional Geoscience Conferences. Dr. Hagni holds a BS in Geophysics, an MS in Engineering Management, and a PhD in Geology from the University of Missouri, Rolla/MS&T.