Careers at PEC Consulting Group

Process Engineer

PEC Consulting Group is seeking a Process Engineer with superior knowledge and experience in the mineral processing industries to participate in the scoping work for the development of industrial minerals facilities; and provide professional consultation services as needed to complete Customers’ assignments.

Primary Responsibilities

Detailed Process Calculations and Simulations

    • Preparation of process simulations for different plant configurations.
    • Development of design criteria for new projects.
    • Preparation of process flow diagrams with mass, gas, and heat balances.
    • Preparation of equipment specifications.
    • Development of raw mix designs and recommendation of suitable mixes.
    • Analysis of the operation for waste heat recovery possibilities.
    • Preparation of process equipment bid documents with data sheets.
    • Validation of OEMs’ process data.
    • Provide advice on emission compliance and safety requirements for fuel handling systems.
    • Participate in discussions with OEMs.
    • Preparation of bid evaluation report.
    • Preparation of OpEx with support from other disciplines.

Field Work – Feasibility Study, Due Diligence Study, Plant Upgrade, Trouble Shooting

    • Preparation of Questionnaire for specific requirements.
    • Visit plants to observe operation, discuss with plant personnel, and obtain necessary data.
    • Preparation of comprehensive data analysis reports.
    • Obtain information from internet or from sub-consultants. Coordinate with sub consultants.
    • Calculate and collate data for Feasibility Study, Due Diligence Study, Plant Upgrade, Trouble Shooting or any other topic.
    • Provide commissioning and start-up assistance.


    • Preparation of detailed reports based on the analysis. Reports are the main deliverables for PEC Consulting and therefore this aspect is specially emphasized.


    • Five (5) years’ work experience in cement, lime, clay, silica, or other industrial mineral processes.
    • Bachelor of Science in Chemical or Mechanical Engineering. A master’s degree in an engineering science is preferred as well as EIT or P.E. certification.
    • US Residency or US Citizenship is an absolute requirement.
      Proficient in computer design and drafting software.
    • Proficient in the English language.
    • Domestic and international travel.

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