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  • Two of PEC Consulting’s members attended the VDZ Conference in September 2018: Frank Benavides, Principal Consultant, and Mohammed Dimah, Process Consultant…Read More
  • PEC Consulting has been hired to provide Commissioning and operations planning for a lime plant in Peru.
  • PEC Consulting is performing a due diligence study on an operating coke calcining plant.
  • PEC Consulting developed the concepts and preliminary CapEx for a small capacity lime production facility in the US.
  • PEC Consulting is currently developing the concepts for a cement grinding plant in the Americas, including conceptual level CapEx, OpEx and Economic Analysis.
  • Waste Heat Recovery based power generation projects (WHR) in cement and lime plants are designed to capture the heat from the pyroprocess off-gases to drive a thermodynamic cycle that operates a turbine and a generator. The thermodynamic cycle can utilize steam (Steam Rankine Cycle) or an organic fluid (Organic Rankine Cycle) as the operating medium.
  • PEC Consulting is assisting in developing a quicklime manufacturing plant for a metal mine in Alaska. As a first step, the analysis of a representative raw material sample was done to ensure yield of quality quicklime. Under the guidance of PEC Consulting, the laboratory carried out the chemical analysis and reactivity tests on the limestone samples. The results were encouraging, and the first steps of a feasibility study are underway.
  • PEC Consulting was awarded a project to perform the structural design review for a new concrete chimney in Pakistan. The chimney is 103 meters tall and its diameter varies from 7.5 to 5 meters. PEC Consulting based its review on ACI 307-08 and used the Load & Strength Design method. Our client supplied a SAP2000 design model to PEC Consulting for the analysis. The goal of the review was to confirm that the design is in accordance with the applicable codes and to investigate possible areas for cost savings.
  • PEC Consulting Group was hired to carry out a study of certain modifications to the scrubber system of a metal processing facility. PEC Consulting based the proposed modifications on the flow diagram of the scrubber/fan/stack arrangement, equipment and capacities, and composition of the gases at the scrubber inlet and fan inlet, duct dimensions, etc. A study provided conclusions and recommendations regarding the mist eliminator, recirculation liquid inlet, static pressure drop, corrosion, and ventilation of the system ductwork. This project is currently in construction under the supervision of PENTA Industrial.
  • PEC Consulting provided assistance to an aluminum processing facility in Colorado that was experiencing operational problems with its delacquering kiln system. Some of the reported problems were system instability and pressurization which resulted in issues with environmental compliance. PEC Consulting is analyzing the system, identifying the source of the problems and recommending mitigation measures.
  • In view of Hurricane Maria that hit Puerto Rico, PEC Consulting was hired to carry out a structural assessment of damages to several buildings owned by a pharmaceutical company. A Senior Structural Consultant visited the facility and, based on his assessment, PEC Consulting presented a report with findings focusing primarily on the structural safety and recommending repairs to counteract the damages to the buildings.
  • A supplier of proppants to the petroleum industry in Missouri retained PEC Consulting to carry out a study to install a drying and screening plant along with a 50,000-ton wet sand storage adjacent to the Mississippi River. The wet sand is trucked from another facility where sand is crushed and washed. PEC Consulting provided a layout of the facility incorporating the sand drying system, screening, storages and dispatch, and made a preliminary recommendation of the type of dryer to be used and the system to meet the loading rate. Also included were budgetary costs of major equipment and estimated sales and revenue.
  • A company specializing in Frac Sand manufacturing planning to mine a 250-acre tract of land in Missouri hired PEC Consulting to assist them in the preparation of a Storm Water Protection Plan Permit application (SWPPP).
  • A Frac sand processing facility in Texas hired PEC Consulting to perform a broad technical evaluation of its existing equipment and the potential for upgrades with the purpose of producing 40×70 mesh and 70×140 mesh frac sand. The upgrade of this facility considered the installation of a dryer and adding a second density separator. PEC Consulting Group carried out an initial review of the facility and an overall assessment of the operations and concepts developed by its client for the short-term upgrade with a provision for further future upgrades.
  • PEC Consulting was commissioned by a lime producer in Peru to look into the quality of refractory products and customer service provided by a refractory vendor in the USA. Our client in Peru is constructing a 1,000 tpd preheater rotary lime kiln and had selected the vendor to supply the refractory for the preheater, kiln and contact cooler. For this study, PEC Consulting surveyed top lime producers in the United States that had used the selected vendor for refractory supply. Our client in Peru also asked PEC Consulting to further analyze the conversion of vertical clinker kilns to manufacture lime. A complete study was prepared and delivered including options and recommendations.

GEOLOGICAL STUDIES – The expertise of our Geological Consultants is being utilized by one of our clients in Colombia for the research and development of cementitious products to use as raw materials for clinker production. At the same time, our Geologist is assisting with the certification of clay pit resources for their quality and reserves.

RAIL TO TRUCK TERMINAL – PEC Consulting evaluated options for the construction of a terminal using new equipment or relocating equipment from an existing terminal to the designated site. Based on site visits and economic analysis, some of the equipment from the old site was found adequate for relocation. A preliminary project schedule, CapEx, flow sheets and equipment lists were prepared and included with the report to the client.

PROCESS STUDY – PEC Consulting assisted a client by providing a process study of its quicklime production facility in Lusaka, Zambia. The plant had identified some technical issues with the design and a site visit by a Senior Consultant facilitated the development of remedial measures.

  • MAIN DUST COLLECTOR STUDY — A US cement manufacturing client is looking for alternatives to upgrade its main baghouse in order to meet current NESHAP environmental regulations and improve its maintenance practices. A study is underway to develop the design criteria and specify modifications for the baghouse and provide a CAPEX for the project.
  • BUILDING CONDITION DUE DILIGENCE FOR ACQUISITION – Fast track project with the involvement of several disciplines to conduct an on-site review of a building which called for the inspection of mechanical/fire systems, electrical systems, elevators, and the compliance with ADA regulations.
  • STRUCTURAL PEER REVIEW – A major cement facility in South America contracted PEC Consulting to conduct the structural peer review for a Greenfield Cement plant under construction which includes 12 major structures. The review will verify the conformance of codes and design criteria following industry standards. This structural due diligence work substantially increases the reliability of this EPC project for the cement industry.
  • TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE – Materials handling and transportation options – barge and rail – were studied and recommended for transporting a cement raw material from the production point to the point of utilization by a cement plant. This is a complex study of ponded fly ash and bottom ash from a power plant to be used as replacement for expensive additives to the raw mix.
  • ADDITION OF A RAW MIX COMPONENT – The results of a previous study carried out by PEC Consulting showed that a raw material can be used as a cement raw mix component at a major cement producer in the US. Now the client has hired PEC Consulting to study how the plant can physically handle the introduction of the new raw mix component including requirements for barge unloading and upgrades to the material handling systems.
  •  CEMENT DISTRIBUTION TERMINAL – PEC Consulting has been recently awarded a Study to determine the investment cost of a new cement distribution terminal in the US

The New Year kicked off with the award of an amalgam of projects for new and existing clients:

  • Inspection of kiln components being fabricated in China for a cement customer in Ecuador.
  • Studies for transfer terminals in North America:
    • An efficiency study to expand the capacity and storage potential of several terminals to handle grains and fertilizers. This study includes the current operations and all areas of improvement.
    • Capability of two terminals to start receiving a finished cement product via bulk ships, including capital cost estimate.
  • A frac sand operation in Texas has retained PEC Consulting’s services to proceed with the basic engineering and capital cost estimates for improving current operations. This will include measures to improve productivity and reduce the inconsistency in the feed to the wet plant.
  • Raw material substitution for a cement plant in the USA to utilize bottom ash from a power plant.
  • PEC Consulting is providing process assistance for a quicklime production facility in Zambia.

We welcomed the third quarter of 2016 with the award of many Studies for new and current clients in the cement industry. Some of the solutions we are providing our clients in the United States are related to issues they have with new environmental regulations, logistics of distribution terminals, fly ash and raw material storages, structural evaluation of silos, spray cooling of process gases, etc.

We were also entrusted with studies in Central and South America, and in the Middle East. We provided valuations for two cement plants and one lime plant in Central America; visited China to conduct the shop inspection of kiln supports and shell for a preheater rotary lime kiln being fabricated in that country for one of our clients in South America; prepared a CapEx Study for a new cement plant facility at the location of an already established quarry; and process studies for a plant in Qatar, which are still underway.

July 2016 marks the 30th anniversary of PENTA Engineering Corp., of which PEC consulting is a subsidiary. There is much excitement in our office as we prepare to celebrate the many successful years we have been in business. These past years have been memorialized by many in the excellent services that we have provided our clients, in the transfer of knowledge that we promote, and in the positive experience of our own employees.

Following the positive results of the conceptual study carried out on behalf of one of our Ready-Mix clients in the US, PEC Consulting was commissioned to do a full Feasibility Study of a cement import terminal which confirmed the techno-economic viability of the Project.

PEC Consulting has completed a study for one of its cement clients in North America which called for providing recommendations to modify a railcar unloading system which presented leakage problems and was experiencing lower conveying rates. Our Consultants visited the site to study the equipment, gather data and hold discussions with plant personnel in order to develop the study. The study provided required options to fix the problems and included conceptual layout drawings and CapEx cost estimates.

PEC Consulting was retained by a major cement producer in the United States to conduct a study of the options to repair or replace a cluster of slurry tanks. The study included CapEx estimates and the required engineering for both options.

PEC Consulting is monitoring the construction of a new frac sand processing plant in North America. The study includes a gap analysis of the commissioning plan and review of schedule and budget.

Representatives from both PEC Consulting Group and PENTA Engineering Corp. attended the 58th Annual IEEE-IAS/PCA Cement Industry Technical Conference held in Dallas, Texas this last May.

PEC Consulting has been hired to do a conceptual study for a Greenfield cement manufacturing facility in South America.
A Feasibility Study for the optimization of a cement grinding facility in North America is underway. The study includes a review of the current operation, identification of bottlenecks, and recommendations to increase the capacity of the grinding facility.
Further studies are taking place for a lime production facility in South America. PEC Consulting has been studying several scenarios to use two different sizes of kilns to maximize production and fuel efficiency. Results and recommendations have been provided in a Report indicating the most viable scenarios.

Len-DolbyLen Dolby has been promoted to Vice President of PEC Consulting.  He will be in charge of Business Development and operations of the group.  Len has held key positions in consulting and mining operations. He holds a degree in Mining Engineering from Pennsylvania State University, he is a Professional Engineer in Virginia, and is a registered member of SME.

PEC Consulting was awarded a coal mining project in Perú, which calls for independent monitoring of mining activities on behalf of the mine’s Owner.

PEC Consulting has been awarded a cement plant project (undisclosed location) to assist the Owner in the validation of the OEM’s design and equipment modifications for the capacity upgrade of one of their kilns. One of our Consultants has been selected to participate in this project and attend meetings at the plant site and at the offices of the OEM.

PEC Consulting has concluded the Scoping Study for the implementation of a new quicklime plant in South East Asia. The favorable results of the Study have propelled the client to move onto the next phases of project viability prior to implementation.

PEC Consulting acted as Independent Technical Expert in a Cost-to-Complete Test for a new frac sand processing and handling plant in North America. The final report was issued to our client providing findings and recommendations as a result of the review.

2015 has been a very successful year of business growth and development for our consulting group. We are thankful to our Clients for the trust bestowed on our services and being receptive to our ideas and recommendations. We are also appreciative of our valuable staff which through teamwork and dedication has again provided our customers with the high-quality product they expect from us.

During 2015, PEC Consulting was awarded various types of consulting assignments, among them Scoping Studies which proved project viability and went on to the feasibility phase. We executed assignments for many industries, including coal, metal mining, cement, fracking sand, and lime during this year.

We make use of this occasion to wish our customers, partners, consultants and employees the happiest of Holidays and a Prosperous New Year.

New Studies assigned to the Consulting Group:

  1. Conceptual Study for a cement import facility – USA
  2. Conceptual Study for a cement grinding plant – USA
  3. Lime Plant Expansion – South America
  4. Management of Engineering for a major cement plant expansion – South America
  5. Study for selection of calcining equipment for a lime plant – South America

Global Cement Magazine will publish the article “Plant Cement Audits” by PEC Consulting’s Technical Services Director, Narayana Jayaraman. Look for it in the November 2015 issue of the magazine.

Jorge L. Lerena, V.P., PEC Consulting Group, will attend the XXXII Congreso Técnico FICEM (Federación Internacional del Cemento) in Mexico D.F., August 31 through September 2, 2015. The conference is geared towards facilitating the exchange of ideas and dissemination of knowledge regarding the latest technologies and equipment applicable to the cement industry in Latin America. It is a great opportunity to find out how to optimize cement operations and saving costs.

PEC Consulting has been awarded a project in North America to do a raw materials study, identifying the source of additives and finally define the optimum raw mix which will resolve problems with the pyroprocessing system.

We continue providing our consulting services in Indonesia to a coal mining company to improve their barge loading system. We are studying different options to include flexible systems with mobile equipment and fixed systems such as clamshells and conveyors. Estimated production and CAPEX costs are included.

We are participating in the development of an underground coal mine contract mining agreement in South America. Included in our assignment is the review of risks to the mine Owner.

We recently signed a contract with a major mining company in the U.S. to do a study to improve environmental controls. The study includes engineering design and cost estimates.

G. Gifford, of PENTA Industrial Corp., and M. Dimah, of PEC Consulting – attended the North American Frac Sand Conference in Houston, TX, June 29-30. M. Dimah’s presentation — “Proppants Transloading Terminals” — can now be viewed by clicking on the following link: Presentation.

N. Jayaraman’s and F. Benavides’ article on “Process Optimisation” has been published in the July 2015 issue of International Cement Review Magazine. Please follow this link to view a copy of the published article.

Some of the comprehensive & unique consulting services that PEC Consulting provides to the cement industry were recently emphasized in a marketing/awareness campaign directed to North America’s cement producers on consulting to extend the life of operating mines with geological assessments, testing, and mine planning. To increase the life of the limestone deposit, PEC Consulting develops a strategy plan – defining the optimum raw mix and pre-blending requirements. Please write to us at to request a copy of our brochure “Supply of Raw Materials for Cement Production”. More information on this subject can also be downloaded by following this link Supply of Raw Materials for Cement Production

Two of our Consultants – Frank Benavides and Mohammed Dimah – will attend the North American Frac Sand Conference in Houston, TX, June 29-30, at the Houston Convention Center.  The two-day conference will cover topical subjects related to the industry, including Mohammed Dimah’s presentation, ” Proppants Transloading Terminals” on the 30th at 11:50 a.m.  We will be pleased to see you there.

PEC Consulting has been awarded a project in Indonesia to do a technical review of a coal processing and barge loading terminal. The study will include an assessment of the technical competency of the facilities as well as an economic valuation.

PEC Consulting has been awarded a project to do a technical due diligence of a Greenfield Cement Plant in Nigeria. At the conclusion of its assessment and study, PEC Consulting will submit a comprehensive report of its findings.

Commissioning Assignment, Chile

Two of our Process & Commissioning Senior Consultants have been assigned to assist CALCHILE in the commissioning of their new lime plant in Chile. Jagrut Upadhyay and Sergio Chaparro left for Chile mid-April to lead the commissioning work at the site. The plant is unique in that it is one of the very few installations in the world to use seashells as raw material for lime production with a suspension preheater. The plant has a production capacity of 500 mt/d of quicklime and is expected to go into production in May.

EXIM – 2015 Annual Conference

The Export-Import Bank (EXIM) 2015 Annual Conference in Washington D.C. was well attended by executives from around the world who represented financial institutions, foreign trade partners, and government officials. Jorge Lerena, V.P., PEC Consulting Group, was our representative at the conference. PEC Consulting’s specialization in the preparation of feasibility studies, due diligence and valuation studies serves the EXIM Bank and its partners in evaluating the economics of the investments proposed by their customers.

IEEE-IAS/PCA – 2015 Conference

Francisco Benavides, Principal Consultant, and Len Dolby, Senior Mining Consultant attended the 2015 IEEE-IAS/PCA Conference in Toronto, Ontario. Their attendance and that of employees of PENTA Engineering Co. was a great opportunity to get updates on latest technologies for the cement industry and meet clients, industry reps and friends.

During the last few weeks, in its continuous effort to increase the level of knowledge of its staff, PEC Consulting has been conducting in-house training meetings related to the industries that we serve and services that we provide. The speaker at these meetings is none other but one of our specialized consultants who delivers a well-prepared presentation on a technical matter of interest to everyone and sometimes applicable to one of our current or past projects. An avid learning staff has been participating in these meetings, asking pertinent questions and contributing with their own knowledge about the subject.

Recently, Jerry Young offered three sessions on the Cement Industry, which was a refresher course to many and an opportunity for others to express their own views and experience. Prior to that, we learned about the frac sand industry in a very interesting meeting conducted by Ken Schweigert, Senior Process Consultant.

A series of 12 one-hour In-House Training meetings is in progress: CEMENT PLANT OPERATORS TRAINING. The speaker is Jagrut Upadhyay, Process Consultant, who is himself a trained instructor. He has been providing detailed information about the operations of a cement plant; starting with the raw mill, wet process kiln, cooler, etc.

Coming up in May, we will have training on the Coal Industry. The speaker will be our coal expert, Len Dolby, Senior Mining Consultant.

Our training meetings are manifold: not only are they educational, but serve to reinforce and further promote teamwork and communications among our staff.

PEC Consulting was retained by one of the potential buyers of the Lafarge assets in the Philippines to conduct a comprehensive due diligence of the operations, geology, power contracts, supply chain and market assessment of the business. Working jointly with our ASEAN Partner, EPCON, on services and solutions, a thorough due diligence was carried out both through desktop research and fieldwork.


  • Accurate reserves estimations of all Lafarge quarries validated through reliable sources.
  • Regional maps of adjacent limestone deposits for Teresa, Norzagary, Bulacan and Batangas
  • Tenement maps around all the plants showing all the MPSAs (Mining permits) that have been issued around the plants.
  • A complete list of MPSAs applications and status as of July 2014 for the whole of the Philippines, which would give an indication of what potential competitors are doing and the status of their permits.
  • National non-metals geology map.


  • A complete assessment of the power supply agreements including potential upsides and risk mitigation.
  • A comprehensive dynamic model that computes the power costs per plant bases on the formulas in the contracts benchmarked to the relevant indices. The model was developed by the former global head of the power division at Lafarge, who was responsible for the power strategy in the Philippines. She was instrumental in selecting the power suppliers and negotiating the current power supply agreements.

Alternative Fuels:

  • Delivered cost per AF Fuel type per plant
  • Current AF suppliers in the market inclusive of shareholding structure
  • Competitor analyses on use of AF

Supply Chain:

In conjunction with a young and dynamic supply chain specialist, CEL Consulting, based in Vietnam:

  • A comprehensive study on Raw Materials in and actual costs to plant per ton.
  • Cement out to depots.
  • Comprehensive analysis of the Ports in Manila, Batangas and Cebu (for Danao GS).
  • Infrastructure bottlenecks for the operations.
  • Future options for the business unit including a new dry bulk terminal.
  • Batangas complete supply chain with actual costs.
  • Danao GS supply chain with actual costs.

Market Assessment

  • A complete supply demand study with estimates on actual installed capacity versus nominal rated capacity.
  • Comprehensive study of potential capacity expansion by all players.
  • Price History
  • Brand value.
  • Distributor/retailer margins.
  • Buying behavior of end users
  • Comprehensive SWOT analysis.

Much of the above was obtained through desktop and field-based interviews with contractors, developers, distributors and retailers.

This Due Diligence assignment was led by Len Dolby, Sr. Mining Consultant of PEC Consulting, and Pharaoh Hirani, Managing Director of EPCON Services.

Mine Energy Efficiency

PEC Consulting has participated in an Energy Efficiency Review for a major underground mining company operating within the United States. The first phase identified several power and fuel saving options and included a high-level economic analysis of the potential savings and recommended next steps for further study.

Many mine functional areas are considered for further study such as mine production, ventilation, and dewatering systems. PEC Consulting’s expertise in mining operations, large electric motors, and material handling has been critical during this assignment.

PEC Consulting has successfully completed the Bankable Feasibility Study (BFS) for a complex integrated manufacturing facility that will include a cement plant, quicklime and hydrated plants in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Study included a captive power plant that will provide a steady and quality power for the manufacturing units.

The exhaustive scope of the Study covered all aspects of a thorough Feasibility Study including geological exploration to determine proven raw materials reserves, hydro-geological study, geotechnical study, market evaluation, development of plant concepts, CapEx/OpEx/economic analysis, and a bidding process. The integrated approach takes advantage of the synergies that exist between cement and lime manufacturing.

PEC Consulting was associated with the project all the way from the concept stage to the release of the BFS. The project will be announced to the press by the Owner in due time.

Audit of Cement Plants in the Caribean

PEC Consulting was retained to assess the operations of cement production assets, including the performance of their operations, robustness of their organizations, and determine ways to improve profitability. After a thorough study of the data provided by the client and plant visits, PEC Consulting is preparing a comprehensive due diligence/audit report with an outline of findings and corresponding recommendations.

Application of 3-D Scanning Technology

A PEC Consulting client had concerns about the stability of the raw mill feed bin structure of a newly acquired cement plant in Florida, USA. PEC Consulting used the services of sister company, PENTA Engineering Company, to provide 3-D Scanning technology and the derived structural analysis to provide the client on the condition of the structure.

Len-DolbyLen Dolby has joined PEC Consulting as Senior Mining Consultant. Len has over 34 years of coal industry experience along with recent project experience in copper, silver, gold and talc. His operations background includes open pit and contour surface mining, longwall and room and pillar underground mining, coal processing, transportation, logistics, coal quality and technical services. His areas of expertise include mine planning, technical due diligence reviews, resource and reserve estimates, identification of operations improvements, assessment of personnel, transportation / logistics reviews and management of large and complex projects. He holds a BS in Mining Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania.

Completion of FS for a Cement Plant in Africa

We have successfully completed a Pre-Feasibility Study for a Greenfield Cement Plant in Central Africa. Initially, PEC Consulting had carried out a Conceptual Study and provided guidelines for geological exploration and reserves evaluation, market study, etc. The Pre-Feasibility Study provided in-depth details of the project, professional financial projections, and an assessment of the project’s viability.

Completion of Bid Evaluation for a new Waste Heat Recovery System

PEC Consulting has finalized the bid evaluation of different suppliers for a new Waste Heat Recovery System for a cement plant in Central America. The evaluation included the analysis of different WHR technologies; i.e. Steam Rankine Cycle and Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC).

We are happy to announce that Jagrut Upadhyay has joined PEC Consulting Group as a Senior Process Consultant for the Cement Industry. He has extensive experience in implementing cost saving measures, improve operational efficiencies, power, and fuel consumption. He holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Gujarat University, India.

Francisco Benavides and Jorge Lerena attended the IEEE-IAS/PCA Cement Industry Technical Conference in Washington D.C., an excellent opportunity to meet and get acquainted with new developments and industry newcomers. It provided a platform to present the outstanding services that PEC Consulting Group provides to its Clients worldwide.

1. Jorge Lerena attended the annual meeting of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME) in Salt Lake City last February. As in previous years, the benefit of attending the conference has added to the strength and knowledge of our consulting group.

2. PEC Consulting worldwide expanse of services has been strengthened by its relationship with EPCON/PT Engineering Services and Solutions Asia as its representative in the ASEAN countries. EPCON’s Principal, Mr. Pharaoh Hirani, brings substantial knowledge to the industrial minerals sector, especially cement and lime. He has participated in the development of Greenfield and Brownfield cement plants projects in Indonesia. His experience encompasses working with local authorities throughout Indonesia in establishing new cement manufacturing facilities. EPCON is based in Jakarta. To find out more about EPCON and our association, please go to

PEC Consulting has completed the valuation of a major cement plant in Central America. Two of our senior consultants traveled to our client’s plant and studied the existing equipment and facilities. These services were performed using the “Replacement Cost” methodology and PEC Consulting used a database of recent projects for equipment and installation costs. Our estimating department provided the necessary information to define current costs of major structures.

PEC Consulting has initiated the Bidding Process for the implementation of a Waste Heat Recovery system at a cement plant in Central America. The project called for a Feasibility Study to assess the waste heat and power generation potential, design criteria, flow sheets with estimated process parameters, arrangement drawings, economic analysis, and tie-in arrangement of electric power for the new system. A comprehensive Report including our findings and recommendations was presented to our Client’s Management and consequently gained their approval to proceed with the project.

We are happy to announce that two Senior Consultants have joined PEC Consulting Group in January 2014:

ney-linares-peccg-photoKen Schweigert has joined PEC Consulting as Lead Process Consultant for the lime industry. Ken has over 35 years of experience in mining and processing of lime, cement, calcium carbonates, aggregates, silica sand, diatomaceous earth, perlite, and clays. His expertise includes plant design, selection of process equipment, project scope development, operations improvement, maintenance, plant personnel and equipment evaluations; due diligence analysis and construction services. He has led and participated in numerous renovation and expansion projects for industrial minerals facilities. He holds a BS in Engineering Management from Missouri University of Science & Technology, Rolla, MO.

ney-linares-peccg-photoNey Linares has joined PEC Consulting as Lead Consultant in Plant Infrastructure and Civil Construction.  Ney has 22 years of experience in the design and construction of heavy industrial and commercial projects. He has led structural design and engineering projects for commercial and industrial buildings, including upgrades and renovations. Throughout his career, he has been responsible for the analysis and design of various types of structures. He has provided site services overseeing slip forming of silos and participated in projects throughout North, Central, and South America. He is fluent in Spanish and English and a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers. Ney earned an M.S. in Structural Engineering and B. Sc. in Civil Engineering from Washington University, Saint Louis, MO; and a B.S. in Physics from Bethany College, Bethany, WV.

Cementos Argos – A large producer of cement, ready mix and other construction materials in North America, South America and the Caribbean area retained PEC Consulting to analyze the operations at one of their mines to maximize the life of the mine. The mine is extensive and has many operating fronts and routes to several manufacturing plants. A complex proprietary software was utilized to determine the best utilization of raw material based on geochemistry and operating costs.

PEC Consulting has been retained by a Gulf Country cement producer to investigate gear reducer failures in two large cement mills. The investigation will entail a Root Cause Analysis of events leading to the failure and a general Maintenance and Reliability Appraisal of the cement grinding plant operations.

At the beginning of September of this year, Mr. Francisco Benavides, Executive Director of PEC Consulting Group LLC, attended FICEM’s Conference which took place in the city of Lima, Peru. While in Lima, Mr. Benavides met with clients in the cement, lime and mining industries to discuss and offer assistance on the potential developments taking place in Perú.

YURA S.A., part of the Gloria S.A. conglomerate of companies in Perú and a long-time PENTA client, sought PEC Consulting to provide consulting assistance with the investigation of the lime market in Southern Peru, especially focusing on requirements by mining companies. Ken Schweigert, PEC Consulting’s Senior Lime Consultant, traveled to Peru to meet with YURA’s management to provide expert advice. While in Peru, Mr. Schweigert presented a paper on the Utilization of Lime at the UNIMIN Conference in Arequipa.