Feasibility Studies

PENTA Engineering Corp. (PENTA) has been in business since 1986. Throughout its history, PENTA has undertaken consulting assignments, such as conceptual studies, pre-feasibility studies, feasibility studies, plant audits, and operations training. These assignments are now the full focus of the PENTA subsidiary, PEC CONSULTING GROUP LLC.

Consulting assignments call for the participation of highly-experienced staff. Usually, front-end scoping work is sophisticated professional work used as a basis for important business decisions requiring the participation of high level consultants. Studies undertaken go beyond technical matters, including the economic analysis, taking into account sales projections, logistics, estimates of capital investments and operating costs. Parties interested in these comprehensive studies are the owners, investors and financing organizations.


At the early stages of a Greenfield project, a Conceptual Study is done to analyze the possibilities and benefits of a potential project. This is an economical way for management to do a Preliminary Evaluation of a potential project. The next step, a Pre-feasibility study, is usually carried out ahead of a Feasibility Study to provide an economic assessment of a project which has already been determined to have a high potential of development. Basic Engineering is then developed to set up the project. Changes to the project concept occur during this phase which lasts until equipment is procured.

Some customers are focused only in the technical aspects of a feasibility study, such as the process analysis and enough engineering for the capital cost estimating. However, a more comprehensive study that includes the evaluation of minerals reserves, the potential market, and the economics of the project is required for appropriate decision making. For example, owners may use this type of study to determine the value of one potential investment versus others. The financing entities and investors need to assure themselves that the project will generate the cash flows necessary for the project owner to pay down the debt.

All the above is to say that the consulting arm of PENTA has the purpose of utilizing the technical talents from our engineering divisions and extending the service to further offer customers a more comprehensive package.

The following is a typical Table of Contents of a Feasibility Study (Click to view larger):

feature-article-feasibility-studies-table-of-contentsPlease contact fbenavides@penta.net for specific applications where we could be of service.

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