PEC Consulting is experienced in all aspects of cement distribution.

airview 1Areas of expertise for cement import terminals include comprehensive studies for cost-effective solutions for the distribution of cement to a satellite market. Our knowledgeable staff has performed many studies for the development of cement distribution terminals to fit our clients’ requirements. One of them, the cement transfer terminal with modular rail unloader, automated truck load-out and weight scale system, minimizes construction costs and installation time. Other designs, like the one appropriate for navigable rivers uses river cells for proper draft for the ship or barge.

airview w bargeWe perform studies for cement distribution systems with logistics costs in mind. Regardless of the design, all the components of the cement terminal, including the storage facility and conveying system, will be laid out to obtain optimal logistics and efficient ship loading. Consideration is also provided for the environment —  a dust collector and a simple and complete de-dusting circuit is included in the design.  Our services include:

  • Feasibility and Technical Studies for Distribution Networks
  • Investigation of potential rail, river, or ocean transportation systems
  • Logistical analysis of industrial distribution
  • Technology comparison of equipment tenders
  • Conceptual through detailed design of the cement terminal and equipment
  • Capital cost and operating cost estimates
  • Logistical cost studies and overall project economics of alternatives

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