Cement Distribution Terminals & Logistics

PEC Consulting is experienced in all aspects of cement distribution.

As plants become larger in capacity and distances to market increase, the economics of the distribution chain becomes critical to the financial success of a cement manufacturing facility. The design and operation of transporting, storing, and distributing is extremely important.

The distribution system components, such as types of storage and materials handling equipment, have an effect on the economics of the operation.

Logistical calculations of various options will show the capacity of the ship unloading facility, storage facility, and the size of reclaiming and truck load-out systems. The same applies when distributing from rail to truck.

Logistics for importing cement are very important in calculating the competitive position of imports versus local production. The following is taken into consideration calculations: dock occupancy with relation to the capacity of the ship unloader, required size of the ships, unloading time per ship, throughput of the terminal with the corresponding number of trucks, size of the storage facility, etc.

PEC Consulting offers comprehensive studies for cost-effective solutions for the distribution of cement to a satellite market. Our knowledgeable staff has designed many cement distribution terminals to fit our clients’ requirements. One of them, the cement transfer terminal with modular rail unloader, automated truck load-out and weight scale system, minimizes construction costs and installation time. Other designs, like the one appropriate for navigable rivers uses river cells for proper draft for the ship or barge.

We perform studies for cement distribution systems with logistics costs in mind. Furthermore, we have the know-how to design a system that will meet the specific needs of our clients. Regardless of the design, all the components of the distribution terminal, including the storage facility and conveying system, will be laid out to obtain optimal flow of cement and efficient ship loading. Consideration is also provided for the environment and a dust collector and a simple and complete de-dusting circuit is included in the design.

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