Technical Audits

We carry out plant efficiency studies, technical audits, bottleneck analysis, trouble shooting and capacity upgrades. Our studies and recommendations improve our Clients’ competitive edge by helping them to achieve better fuel economy and run factors.

What we do:

    • Assess the current operation of the plant.
    • Analyze Key Performance Indicators and benchmark them against our database for similar operations.
    • Identify areas for improvement.
    • Recommend steps to troubleshoot and upgrade the operation.
    • Provide a cost-benefit analysis.

A plant efficiency study translates into improved productivity and higher profit margins. PEC Consulting’s Plant Efficiency Studies include a comprehensive range of studies such as Market StudiesPlant Evaluations, Economic Analysis, Technical Feasibility StudiesMaintenance and Reliability Studies, and Management Consulting.

We have performed a cement plant efficiency study for a company in Texas which called for a field audit of a finish mill. An independent review of data generated during the OEM’s field audit at the client’s plant was performed, while circuit samples obtained from both circuits were obtained for analysis.

In another case, a cement plant energy audit was performed for a client in Kingston, Jamaica. Energy savings were identified and recommendations were made for the implementation of modifications with a simple payback of four years or less.

In addition to the above, we have performed efficiency studies such as analysis of kiln rehabilitation, kiln capacity and fuel efficiency, capacity upgrade, evaluation of plant staff and procedures, assessment of the reliability of plant equipment and readiness for sustained operations, review of process details, utilization of waste heat for power generation, raw materials studies, etc.

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