PEC Consulting Group provides Consulting services to major lime manufacturers and the mining industry.


Backed up by a workforce of professionals with expertise in all aspects of lime plant design, we provide consulting services for the development of Greenfield Lime plants (reserve evaluations, conceptual designs, capital and operating cost estimates, and economic analysis); Brownfield lime plant projects; lime plant process audits; maintenance audits; energy generation and energy efficiency studies; and other type of studies for overall quality and productivity improvements. Our services for the lime industry include the following:

    • Lime plant equipment fabrication inspections.
    • Development of Laboratory Specifications.
    • Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) / Energy Generation and efficiency studies.
    • Due Diligence for Acquisitions.
    • Lime Industry Mergers and Acquisitions.
    • Lime Plant Process Audits and productivity improvements.
    • Lime Plants Maintenance and Reliability Audits.
    • Management consulting.
    • Operations evaluation and operators training.
    • Development of Bid Documents for Main Process Equipment.
    • Contract Negotiation.
    • Closure of Contracts.
    • Auxiliary Equipment Selection Assistance and Material Handling.
    • Construction Bid Documents Preparation.
    • Contractor Selection Assistance.
    • Quality Assurance / Quality Control Monitoring.
    • Procurement and Expediting Assistance.
    • Site Advisory Services.
    • Commissioning and Start-up Assistance.

Lime Plant Consultants

As a leading provider of services to the Lime Industry, we have the expertise to manage and design a project from concept to commissioning. We provide services to industries producing Quicklime, Dolomitic Lime, Hydrated Lime; Ground Calcium Carbonate (GCC), Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC), Soda Ash, Calcium Chloride and other chemicals derived from carbonates.

We are proud to have served, among others:

    • Ash Grove Cement Co.
    • Carmeuse Lime & Stone.
    • Chemical Lime Company.
    • Chinalco.
    • Cutler Magner.
    • Graymont, Inc.
    • Grupo Argos.
    • Ma’aden.
    • Grupo Gloria.
    • Lhoist.
    • Mississippi Lime Co.
    • Newmont.
    • Puerto Rican Cement.
    • Southern Peru Copper.
    • United States Lime & Minerals, Inc.


We have provided Consulting Services to the Lime Industry in North America, Central America, the Caribbean, South America, and Saudi Arabia.

Our lime process expertise covers all production areas:

    • Quarrying.
    • Crushing.
    • Screening.
    • Pulverizing.
    • Grinding.
    • Air separation.
    • Calcining.
    • Hydrating.
    • Storage.
    • Packaging.
    • Slaking.
    • Material handling.
    • Re-carbonation.
    • Derived industries. 

To download a representative list of projects, please click here.

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