PEC Consulting Group LLC is the consulting arm of PENTA Engineering Corporation, a full-service engineering and consulting company.  Our senior consultants have extensive industry experience with world-class organizations to provide a wide range of consulting services to the mining industry.

Our areas of expertise for the coal industry include surface (open pit and contour mines), underground (longwall and room and pillar mines – “bord and pillar”), coal processing, material handling and transportation.  We specialize in technical due diligence reviews for the coal industry and the identification of production enhancements and cost reductions.

Coal Services

Our senior mining consultants have in-depth knowledge of the coal industry with extensive operational experience.  We provide the following consulting services:

    • Front-end engineering studies.
    • Scoping Studies.
    • Feasibility studies.
    • Coal resource and reserve estimation.
    • Economic and financial analysis.
    • Security of supply (read article).
    • Technical due diligence investigations.
    • Mergers and acquisitions.
    • Valuations.
    • Operations improvement.
    • Studies for the expansion of surface and underground coal mines.
    • Management consulting.
    • Site advisory services.
    • Quality assurance / quality control monitoring.
    • Mine ventilation studies.
    • Transportation studies / Transportation management.
    • Barge and rail loadout facilities.
    • Material handling and auxiliary equipment selection.
    • Civil engineering.
    • Project management.
    • Construction permitting.

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Of the coal transported in the United States in 2013, approximately 92% was comprised of thermal coal used for electric power generation. The remainder was transported for industrial use or coke production. The performance of transportation systems are affected by many factors. Depending on the severity and duration of these issues, a point could be reached where the carrier is not able to recover and deliver the agreed upon tonnage for the year.

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