Assessment of Raw Materials

PEC Consulting is uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive consulting services on raw materials for the cement industry.

In addition to exploration and geology, mining and mine planning, we use our vast knowledge of the process for cement manufacturing to develop the pre-blending strategy that enhances raw material resources to maximize reserves and lower costs.

Our consulting services cover:

    • Exploration, sampling and testing.
    • Geological mapping.
    • Mine layouts & planning.
    • Raw mix design.
    • Implementation plan.

Raw Materials Utilization Package

We can prepare a Raw Materials Utilization Package with a long-term for “averaging” the quality over a long period; increasing the life of the limestone deposit – the largest asset of a cement plant.

Exploration & Geology

Geology is a natural occurrence that must be assessed. Mining and Raw Mix Design can be adapted to suit the product mix and maximize the utilization of the geological reserves.

If required, we design an exploration program to assess the mining reserve quantity, quality and mineability, develop and oversee the drilling campaign and sampling program. The Scope may include:

    • Identification of mineral resource.
    • Exploration program design and management.
    • Sampling protocols.
    • Analytical data analysis.
    • Geological mapping and modeling.
    • Resource and reserve assessment.
    • Geological mapping quality gradations.
    • Guidelines for hydrogeological studies (if required).

Mine Planning

Limestone deposits should be planned for a minimum of 30 years. Choosing “sweet spots” in the short term will deprive the plant of required quality limestone in later years.

We provide mine modeling support to many customers in cement, lime, coal and industrial minerals. Our mining engineering staff has many years of hands-on operational experience in surface and underground mining. Our mine planning services include:

    • Conceptual, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies.
    • Surface, underground or transition from surface to underground planning.
    • Mine development schedules.
    • Selection of mining equipment.
    • Capex estimates.
    • Operating cost estimates.
    • Transportation and logistics assessment.

Raw Mix Design & Blending Strategy

Our expertise with the preparation of the raw mix guarantees a high-quality product; the overall strategy increases the life of the limestone deposit. We do the following:

    • Evaluate the limestone chemistry.
    • Identify the additive raw materials.
    • Evaluate the overburden as an additive.
    • Prepare the optimum raw mix for quality and economics.
    • Average the quality across the deposits to extend the mine life.
    • Provide inputs to the mine plan to extend mine life.
    • Define the pre-blending strategy.

Implementation Program

We work closely with our clients to develop an implementation program of the mining and blending plans and provide training and follow-up audits if required.

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