Transloading Terminals

Hydraulic fracture drilling operations have expanded in recent years, as a result, companies involved in the oil and gas energy sectors have focused their attention on the cost and complexities related to the logistics and cost of Frac Sand supply to the vicinity of the drilling operations.

Frac Sand production is not always near to the gas and oil fields. If distances exceed 100 miles, it’s more economical to transport by rail, in this case transloading operations at the location of the oil wells play an important role in the availability and reliability of Frac Sand supply.

Transloading terminals require efficient access and distribution capacity to optimize their commercial viability and growth potential. PEC Consulting Group is experienced in transloading terminals that efficiently and effectively optimize logistic costs.

Frac Transloading1m

Transloading Systems

There are 3 different systems for transloading, depending on requirements based on the “length of use” and “throughput”. The systems could be:

    • Rail – Truck : Lowest CapEx; High OpEx.
    • Rail – Warehouse – Truck : Medium CapEx; Medium OpEx (no-demurrage).
    • Rail – Silo – Truck : Highest CapEx; Very Low OpEx.

PEC Consulting is experienced in studies for the development of transloading terminals. We have served clients with feasibility studies, evaluation of potential sites, property acquisition, permitting and rail & truck logistics analysis.


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