Project Financial Feasibility & Deal Structuring

Financial Forecasting and Modeling

A strong financial forecast is at the heart of any successful project since it provides the roadmap and therefore the basis for developing the investment plan.

Optimal Capital Structuring

An optimal capital structure is the best mix of debt and equity financing that will maximize the investment value of the project while minimizing its cost of capital (WACC).

Exploration of Innovative Sources of Finance

Depending on the purpose and other specific characteristics of the project, in some cases it could make sense to explore non-traditional sources of finance to take advantage of more effective funding mechanisms.  Such sources may include government funding, endowments private equity, angel investors, mezzanine finance, etc.

Financial Deal Structuring and Negotiation Support

PEC Consulting can provide options and support to structuring a deal to achieve specified management objectives and in consideration of desired third party involvement and partnerships.

Financial Risk Management and Reporting

Once a decision has been made to begin investment on a new project, we can help manage the financial risks, identifying key risk factors with respect to the project’s financing and investments, the implications of unexpected events, and alternatives on risk mitigation actions to ensure the projects financial and economic success.

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