Project Technical Feasibility

The four basics of a technical feasibility analysis are the market analysis, the availability of raw materials, the estimation of the capital and operating costs, and the economic analysis.  In order to provide our customers with a step-by-step approach analysis of the economics of a project, the feasibility work is done in phases thus limiting expenses in case the project’s feasibility guidelines are not met during the initial phases of development.  Under normal approach, the phases of feasibility analysis we follow are:

  • Conceptual Feasibility Study
  • Pre-Feasibility Study
  • Bankable Feasibility Study

Please see Essential Phases of a Feasibility Study for the work scope of each of the phases of the Technical Feasibility development.

We have the expertise to produce the following studies:

  • Feasibility Studies for the Cement Industry
  • Feasibility Studies for the Lime Industry
  • Feasibility Studies for the Industrial Minerals Industries
  • Feasibility Studies for Coal Mining