Plant Maintenance & Reliability Audits

Plant Maintenance and Reliability Audit identifies aspects that prevent plants from increasing capacity and maximizing productivity. At PEC Consulting, we provide recommendations and action plans to bring each plant to a World Class / Best in Class Maintenance facility. In recent years, reliability engineering concepts have been adopted by process industries with significant improvements in financial performance.


For each percentage of availability lost, facilities lose millions of dollars due to low production. However, a small increase in equipment reliability converts into an increase in production and substantial increases in revenue, particularly for those products in strong demand (by the magic of incremental margins). Considering the high capital costs invested in the minerals industries, increasing reliability results in a high return on investment.

What We Do

At PEC Consulting, we provide the following:

    • Comprehensive Maintenance and Reliability Audits to mineral processing facilities.
    • Analyze Maintenance and Reliability management systems, preventive and predictive systems, organizational structure and staff, methods and procedures.
    • Benchmark and score your maintenance program against industry’s Best Practice standards. Best Practices enhance equipment reliability and realized capacity by avoiding unnecessary production interruptions. Production interruption due to lack of equipment reliability increases a unit’s production cost.
    • We make appropriate recommendations for improvements, with follow-up audits and consulting services to help with the implementation process.
    • Plant Maintenance and Reliability Audits for Cement Plants.
    • Plant Maintenance and Reliability Audits for Lime Plants.
    • Plant Maintenance and Reliability Audits for Coal Mines.
    • Plant Maintenance and Reliability Audits for Industrial Minerals Industries.

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