Structural Pathology

We have expertise in both concrete and steel structural pathology. We offer highly detailed analyses of behaviors of structures subjected to any kind of loading conditions including physical and/or chemical attack, allowing precise diagnostics and retrofits solution techniques for the best repair method. A structural pathology diagnosis comprises:

    • Detailed analysis based on realistic 3D Structural Numerical Models to simulate the structural problem.
    • Consideration of all loads and load combinations acting on the structure and foundation during construction and operation.
    • Consideration of the real boundary conditions (supports, load and displacement locations, etc.).
    • Evaluation of possible soil-foundation structure interaction effects.
    • Analysis and consideration of construction and maintenance conditions.

As a preventive and maintenance & reliability measure, we perform methodical analysis of the structural components of your facility. The breadth of knowledge of our Consultants in the Structural field allows us to provide a practical assessment of structural deficiencies, solutions and recommendations to prevent and repair imminent problems.

Because buildings, storages (silos, etc.) and equipment foundation systems are a major investment in a minerals processing facility, a structural evaluation provides a cost-effective solution to plant maintenance. It also prevents the risk of injury and life loss to plant personnel and it increases the plant’s reliability and life of the facility.

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