Frac Transloading4PEC Consulting is experienced in all aspects of cement distribution

PEC Consulting provides solutions for the full development of rail to truck remote cement terminals.  Our consulting services meet the specific needs of our clients to help develop the facility from concept through implementation.  The objective is to obtain optimal logistics and efficient dispatch.

We provide the following services:

  • Technical Feasibility Studies for the development of cement terminals.
  • Evaluation of potential sites and property acquisition
  • Permitting
  • Investigation of potential transportation systems
  • Rail, truck, and barge logistics analysis
  • Capital and operating costs analysis
  • Conceptual through detailed design of the terminal and equipment

Basically, there are three different systems for transloading depending on requirements based on the “length of use” and “throughput”.  The systems could be:

Direct Rail – Truck: lowest CapEx; High OpEx

– Rail – Flat Storage – Truck: Medium CapEx; Medium OpEx (no demurrage)

– Rail – Silos – Truck: Highest CapEx; Very low OpEx